Chris C. Martin


I am a lecturer in psychology and core studies at Oglethorpe University in the Atlanta area.


I have a B.A. in psychology from Davidson College, an M.S. in human -computer interaction from Georgia Tech, an M.S. in experimental psychology from the College of William and Mary, and a Ph.D. in sociology from Emory University.

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I'm the host of Half Hour of Heterodoxy, a podcast produced by Heterodox Academy.


Davidson College (1995-1999) B.A. cum laude in Psychology with Music Minor
Georgia Institute of Technology (1999-2000) M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction
College of William & Mary (2010-2012) M.A. in Experimental Psychology
Emory University (2012-2017) Ph.D. in Sociology



In recent years, I have collaborated on paper with clinical psychologist Kenneth D. Locke, organizational behavior scholar Emily Bianchi, and quantative psychologist Michael Zyphur.

My PhD advisor was Dr. Corey L. M. Keyes. He is known for his work on complete mental health, which is more than the mere absence of mental illness.

My graduate advisor at the College of William and Mary, Todd Thrash, researches several aspects of personality and creativity. I also worked with John Nezlek, an expert in HLM and daily diary studies, and Joanna Schug, a cultural psychologist.

My graduate advisors at Georgia Tech, John Stasko and Mark Guzdial, conduct research on information visualization and educational technology.

My undergraduate advisor, Margaret Munger (retired), conducted research on perception. She and her husband used to manage the blog Cognitive Daily.

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